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Late payments could be dragging down your credit score

If you’re late on paying your bills, your credit score is going to pay over the long term.

How to celebrate your dad without breaking the bank

Father's Day is around the corner, and you don't need to shell out a hundo to show your old man some love.

It may be time to invest in dividend stocks

As interest rates start to fall, some strategists are calling for a “banner year” for dividend stocks, according to the Globe and Mail.

Why are many Canadians struggling to find full-time work?

A growing number of Canadians are taking on part-time jobs, mostly because they have no other option.

Switching off your AC can save you money

If you want to save some money this summer, live like the Europeans do and try going without air conditioning.

The competition for free stuff is growing

When your Peak Money writer tried to snag free things online, she didn’t think it would be so… competitive.

Should you lease or buy your new car?

Don't let that new car smell cloud your judgment when it comes to deciding whether to buy or lease your wheels. 

How to set up a side hustle without burning out

Side hustles are a fantastic way to boost your income, but how can you make sure you don’t burn out?
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