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What’s new with taxes this year

Time to scrounge up those old receipts and grab a calculator—it's tax season! But this year, filing will be a bit different as some new rules and programs go into effect. 
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Invasion of the AI hiring bots

Sending out your CV but not getting any bites? The issue may not be you—AI bots could be screening your resume before a human even sees it.
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Getting a mortgage might get a lot harder

The country’s banking regulator has proposed creating more stringent lending rules that would make it more difficult to quality for a mortgage.
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Why mico-weddings are big business these days

Weddings are supposed to be a celebration of love, but between the attire, cake, table linens and four-course meals for hundreds of guests, they can quickly turn into an anchor of debt. That growing cost has more newlyweds opting for money-conscious matrimonies. 
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Canadian consumer insolvencies on the rise

Canadians are in debt, and it’s only getting more difficult to climb out of the hole.
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The pitfalls of buying pre-construction real estate

Real estate analysts and experts are on the same page for the future of home prices in Canada this year—they’re going down. That’s bringing attention to some of the financial pitfalls of buying pre-construction real estate.
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Ready, set, recession

Whispers of a recession we’ve been hearing for some time are turning into audible groans as the economy struggles under the weight of rising interest rates. So now is a good time to ask: Are you (and your finances) prepared for a potential downturn? 
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Job hunting is on workers’ to-do lists

Worries about the economy are having an unusual effect on Canadian workers—rather than hunkering down ahead of a potential recession, a growing number of people are hunting for new jobs.

What’s new: Half of the Canadians polled said they plan to find a new job this year, a 31% increase from six months ago.
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