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Insurers see dollar signs in healthcare

You may soon be able to get a lot more than a massage and 75% off your next physio appointment with your workplace health insurance.
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Watching the skies

Remember last year, when we were all gleefully shaming Taylor Swift and Kylie Jenner for their exorbitant flying habits? That was fun, right? 

Well, unfortunately, that fun could be coming to an end.
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AI picks up the pen

It feels like we’ve suddenly been transported back to 2013, because everyone is talking about BuzzFeed. The reason why they’re talking about it, though, is very 2023.
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Climate-conscious eating

On top of calories and animal welfare, consumers are adding climate impact to the list of things to worry about when deciding what to have for dinner.
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Investment banks aren’t lopping off heads quite yet

Canadian dealmaking fell ~40% in 2022 and is currently down ~50% from the same last year. Despite this, workers at the country’s top investment banks can sleep easy knowing their jobs are not in imminent danger.
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Hypothetical defences

The country’s top court is deciding whether pretend people can help defend real crimes.
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The disappearance of remote jobs

Work From Home is definitely here to stay, but unfortunately, not for everyone.
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Layoffs hit the media landscape

Not to be outdone by Big Tech, the media sector is also battling a series of shocking layoffs.
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