Career Shift with Lighthouse Labs

Julia Di Monte graduate with a computer science degree but never felt qualifed for a developer job. Not until she found Lighthouse Labs.


The Peak spoke with Julia about how she shifted her career into high gear thanks to a 12 week web development bootcamp. 


How did you end up at Lighthouse Labs?

I graduated from Queen's University in 2019 with a computer science degree. During my undergrad, I completed three internships working in quality assurance and technical support at smaller startups, always working closely with developers but never as one. After graduation, I was still unsure of where my career was going to take me, so I decided to try working for a larger corporation as a product support engineer. I decided to take some time to travel to Australia after that last work term but was quickly brought back to Canada because of the pandemic and forced to revisit my career goals and potential options for me. In starting my job hunt, I found myself shying away from applying to development roles and had a clear case of impostor syndrome because I had never worked as a developer. After a couple interviews for various non-technical roles in the tech space, I didn't feel challenged or excited about the new opportunities. I decided to use the free time that the pandemic had provided me to skill up and make the switch to the development space.

What did you learn at Lighthouse Labs?

I researched many different programs and a variety of institutions, but finally decided to I enrol in the 12 week Web Development Immersive Bootcamp at Lighthouse Labs in October of 2020. I was impressed with the organization and structure of the bootcamp because it combined lectures and independent work with projects that resembled real world applications that I had learned about only theoretically in my undergrad. I was able to use my design and coding skills in a variety of languages in both front and back end projects and this had a substantial effect on my confidence. Also, my cohort featured a diverse group of people who regularly collaborated and helped each other completely virtually, an essential skill  in today's workforce. 

How did Lighthouse Labs help you get to where you are today?

After graduating from LHL, I began to apply to as many developer positions as I could, even ones I didn't feel qualified for just three months prior. I interviewed with both big and small companies, competently completing technical and personal interviews and received more than one offer. I happily accepted a Junior Software Developer position at Hootsuite, a social media management platform company based out of Vancouver. I have been working at Hootsuite for just under 4 months and have loved continuing to learn and collaborate with my amazing team.

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