February 28, 2023

Kurt Reiman Explains Why A Recession Is Still Likely

Markets are enjoying a surprisingly strong start to the year after a rough last-half of 2022. Inflation has fallen from its peaks, and more people are talking about a soft-landing—or even a "no-landing" scenario—for the economy. But there's good reason to think we aren't out of the woods yet.

On this episode of Free Lunch by The Peak, BlackRock's Senior Strategist for North America ,Kurt Reiman, joins us to unpack what's happening in the economy, both in Canada and globally, and what it means for you. We cover:

  • The state of play in markets right now.
  • The unique factors acting on Canada's economy.
  • Why a mild recession is still likely this year.
  • Why it's going to be a struggle to get inflation back to 2%.
  • The growing risk of high debt loads.
  • How the Fed impacts Canada's macro conditions.
  • What China's re-opening means for inflation.
  • And what all this means for your portfolio.