September 26, 2023

Why Public Transit In Canada (Mostly) Sucks

If you want to make yourself mad about the state of transportation in Canada, all you have to do is go to Europe. 

Anyone who’s made the trip can tell you that in almost every European country, it’s faster, more convenient, and more comfortable to take public transportation than it is here. 

And the same is true now in many parts of Asia—places that not long ago were much poorer than Canada, with much less well-developed infrastructure. 

So why is public transportation in Canada so far behind these other parts of the world?

Why does it seem to take forever to get anything built here (and cost way more)?

And what would we need to do differently to fix it?

To answer these questions, we’re joined by Reece Martin, who is a public transport expert, consultant, and creator of the wonderful and fascinating YouTube channel RMTransit, which has 250,000 subscribers and hundreds of videos all about different transportation systems around the world.