Artificial Intelligence

The up-and-coming young leaders shaping Canada's economy, culture, and society.
Vice President, Product - Wysdom.AI

Aaqib Azeem

VP Engineering - Hopper

Alex Campeau

CEO -Adaptive PUlse

Jennifer Huynh

Co-founder and Co-CEO - AltaML

Cory Janssen

Founder & CEO - TheAppLabb

Kundan Joshi

Cofounder & CEO - Stamped Technologies

Simon Langlois

Machine Learning Developer / Applied Research Scientist - Coveo

Justine Massicotte

CEO - Botpress

Sylvain Perron

CEO & Founder - Inc

Zeze Peters

Lead Machine Learning Scientist - Invision AI

Bharathkumar (Tiny) Ramachandra

CEO & Co-founder - QuoteMachine

JD Rocheteau


Jason Silver

Founder - Hilo Labs

Matthew Tigwell

CTO & Co-founder - Dooly

Justin Vaillancourt

Co-founder & CEO - Adeptmind Inc.

G Wu

Founder and Solutions Architect - Fintelics

Will Zhang

Founder and CEO - Blackcart

Donny Ouyang

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