Food, Drink, and Consumer Products

The up-and-coming young leaders shaping Canada's economy, culture, and society.
Co-Founders - Kitchen Hub

Adam Armeland, Oren Borovitch and Mat Abramsky

  • Toronto
Founder - Super Paw

Alize Bhatia

  • Toronto
Host / Creator - Food Is Culture | A Podcast

Billy Buttery

  • Toronto
Founding General Manager - PORTA

Jason Cassidy

  • Toronto
Co-founder & Director of Product - Gwella Mushrooms

Erin Cochrane

  • Toronto
Director, Innovation Design + Validation - Walmart Canada

Michael Gill

  • Oakville
Co-Founder - Cola's Kitchen

Salma Hamidi

  • Toronto
Founder & President - CANNABIS XPRESS

Chris Jones

  • Toronto
Owner - Dip the Tip Desserts

Jennifer Martinenco

  • Concord
Founder and CEO - FoodFund Inc.

Divyansh Ojha

  • London
Chief Executive Officer - AHLOT

Greg Pantelic

  • Toronto
Co-owner, Executive Chef - Dos Amores Tortillería

Deborah Peña Berber

  • Salt Spring Island
Founder / CEO - Purple Tree Cannabis

Matt Piotrowicz

  • Toronto
President - DC Donut Bakery

Andrew H. Rankin

  • Toronto
CEO - Heritage Cannabis

David Schwede

  • Kelowna
Director of Business Operations - Juniper Creates

Lauren Taylor

  • Vancouver
Co-Founder and Product Lead - Split

Victoria Ulubabian

  • Toronto
Chef/Partner - Alimentaria Mexicana

Martin Vargas Gonzalez

  • Vancouver
CEO / Founder - ReUpp

Lauryn Vaughn

  • Toronto
Co-Founders - Three Ships Beauty

Connie Lo and Laura Burget

  • Toronto

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