The up-and-coming young leaders shaping Canada's economy, culture, and society.
Assistant Vice President, Business Development, Western Region - Marsh & McLennan

Spencer Carlson

Lead R&D Grower - CubicFarm Systems Corp

Lindsay Dodds

Co-Founders - Blade Filters

Aedan Fida, Joe Fida and Giancarlo Sessa

COO - SiteMax Systems Inc.

Christian Hamm

Mine Scheduler - Imperial Oil Limited

Tasha Bell

Head of Service & Experience Design, Accenture Canada - Accenture

Elina Lawrie

CEO and Founder - Motif Labs

Mario Naric

Founder - Vetrina Group

Krista Raymer

CEO - Parity Inc

Bradley Pilgrim

Director, Strategy & Corporate Development - Peak Power Inc.

Mike Skirzynski

General Manager - Parkland

Josh Wood

Independent Climate Change Consultant

Ahsan Syed

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