Politics and Government

The up-and-coming young leaders shaping Canada's economy, culture, and society.
Senior Consultant - Crestview Strategy

Muhammad Akbar Ali

Partner/Co-Founder - Pathway Strategies Inc.

Kavi Bal

Principal - Melissa Caouette Consulting

Melissa Caouette

Senior Business Advisor - Senior Business Advisor

Taleesha Thorogood

Manager, Strategic Initiatives and Executive Operations - City of Markham

Bryan Frois

Principal - Stratos Public Affairs

Simrath Grewal

Councillor - City of Delta

Dylan Kruger

Fmr. Chief of Staff - Councillor Brad Bradford

Rishab Mehan

Vice-President - Wellington Advocacy

Katy Merrifield

Senior Policy Officer - Privy Council Office, Government of Canada

Ali Tejpar

Director of Budget & Finance - Office of the Mayor of Toronto

Louis Tsilivis

Co-founder - Civic Tech Toronto

Anowa Quarcoo

Director of WESNO | Senior Policy Analyst, Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada

Jade Monaghan

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