The up-and-coming young leaders shaping Canada's economy, culture, and society.
Managing Partner - SolvedAF Consulting Inc.

Ashiq Ahamed

Founder - HP Change

Scott Angus

Vice President - Fully Managed

Shawn Freeman

Founder and CEO - Myplanet

Jason Cottrell

Founder & Principal - Mirae Talent & Executive Search

Leah Brighton

CEO & Co-Founder - Creme Digital Inc

Jacob Klug

CEO - Simply Group

Lawrence Krimker

Chief Empowerment Officer & Custodian of Culture

James Boettcher

Business development officer - Zipstall Inc.

Michael Hodgins

Manager of Partnerships and Programs / Founder - Innovation Factory / Locke & King / And Then What Inc.

Ryan Patrick Moran

Co-Founders - Unwrapit

Linsay Moran, Taylan Pince and Peter Deitz

CEO - Connected

Mike Stern

Founder - The Leadership Agency

Jamie (Hoobanoff) Savage

Head of Experience - Bloom

Jules Whish

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