Social Impact

The up-and-coming young leaders shaping Canada's economy, culture, and society.
Co-Founder of Matrices @ Pride at Work Canada Ontario Pride ERG Chair at Deloitte Canada

Samuel Naylor

  • Toronto
Executive Director - Project iRISE

Rhonelle Bruder

  • Toronto
Community Engagement Convenor - The Winnipeg Foundation

Michelle Gazze

  • Winnipeg
Co-founder and Chief Creative Director - R&G Strategic

Liz Gosselin

  • Halifax
Co-Founder - The Thoughtful Co.

Jillian Climie

  • Vancouver
Senior Manager Partnerships & Development - CivicAction

Camilo Garay

  • Toronto
Executive Director - Pride at Work Canada

Colin Druhan

  • Toronto
Co-Founders - 10,000 Hours

Melissa and Luc Hartwick

  • Toronto
Faculty Member, Lecturer - The Ivey Business School at Western University

Eric Janssen

  • London
Partner - Miller Thomson LLP

Natasha Kataryna Smith

  • Toronto
Co-Founder & CMO | Communications, Client Engagement & Impact Coordinator, Adopting Common Measures - Leadogo | Centre for Social Innovation

Paluck Kohli

  • Toronto
Project Officer and Program Coordinator - United Nations Association of Canada and Project iRISE

Shanna Lacroix

  • Guelph
Co-Founder - Mithoowani Waldman Immigration Law Group

Naseem Mithoowani

  • Toronto
Director, Finance - Defence construction canada

Kevin P. Petit-Frère

  • Ottawa
Founder - First Session

Rob Pintwala

  • Toronto
Co-founder - Canadian Black Policy Network

Anna-Kay Russell du Toit

  • Toronto
Partnerships and Standards Lead - Common Approach to Impact Measurement

Alicia Richins

  • Toronto
CEO - Lighthouse Labs

Jeremy Shaki

  • Toronto
Co-Founder and Managing Director - TalentLift

Dana Wagner

  • Toronto
Board Chair - Tamil Community Centre

Siva Vimalachandran

  • Toronto
VP Legal and D&I Lead - Real Ventures

Ziyi Shi

  • Montréal
Executive Director & Co-founder - Next Gen Men

Jake Stika

  • Vancouver
Founder and Director - Vaccine Hunters Canada

Andrew Young

  • Toronto
Co-founder CRO - Faber Technologies INC

John Reid

  • Vancouver

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