The up-and-coming young leaders shaping Canada's economy, culture, and society.

Annie Chan

Senior Merchant Success Manager - Shopify

Helen Ahrens

Co-founder - Skillful

Loren Cohen

CEO - SoulRooms Inc.

Arnab Dastidar

Director, Data Science - Trulioo

Haley Cornelius

President - Council of Canadian Innovators

Benjamin Bergen

Sr Program Manager - Unity Technologies

Nick Facey

Founder, COO - Ghost Retail

Jimmy Furlano

VP of Solutions Engineering - Daylight Automation

Wesley George

Programs Lead - Co.Labs

Dallas Price

Data Scientist - IBM Canada

Jon McCollin

COO & Co-Founder - PolicyMe

Laura McKay

Co-founder & CEO - Youthfully

Joel Nicholson

CEO - Proposify

Kyle Racki

Co-founder & Co-CEO - Aboard

Lee MacDonald

Co-Founder & CEO - Properly

Anshul Ruparell

CEO & Founder - Audette

Christopher Naismith

VP, Discovery - AbCellera

Kathleen Lisaingo

President & CEO - WEtech Alliance

Yvonne Pilon

VP, Customer Experience - Coconut Software

Leona Leong

Co-Founder & Managing Director - TechEasy

Jared Kahn

Partner & General Manager - Entrepreneur First

Rachel Zimmer

Staff Engineer - Intuit

Geethmala Sridaran

Co-Founder, CEO - Riipen

Dana Stephenson

Head of Operations - Properly

Suzanne Zaffino

Executive Director - Co.Labs

Matt Stefan

Head of Sales & Partnerships - Flexday

Brando Usher

COO & Co-Founder -

Lyn Chen

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