Food, Drink, and Consumer Products

The up-and-coming young leaders shaping Canada's economy, culture, and society in 2023.

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CEO - Innodal

Laurent Dallaire

Partnership - Othership

Adam Lewis

CoFounder - Slowlii

Alicia Pintwala

Founder & CEO - New School Foods

Chris Bryson

COO - Vayda

Dipesh Mistry

Founder & CEO - Somedays

Lux Perry

Vice President, Transformation Services - Walmart Canada

Suzanne Knight

Founder - Earthware Reusables Inc.

John MacInnes

SVP & Head of Digital, Loyalty & Consumer Goods - Tim Hortons

Markus Sturm

Founder/Chocolatier - Chocolate de Kat

Kata Ambrus

CEO and Designer - Steff Eleoff

Steff Eleoff

Co-CEO - Inter-Canada Fisheries

Philippe Benhaim

CoFounder & COO - MintList

Mehrsa Raeiszadeh

Founder & Managing Director - Tyche & Gami Inc.

Kevin Nguyen Vo

Director of Product - HelloFresh

Karen Laskowski

Owner & Founder - Wastenot Farms Inc.

Jocelyn Molyneux

Founder & CEO - Nuts For Cheese

Margaret Coons

Owner and Maître-fromager - Fromagerie Kapuskoise

François Nadeau

Founder - Gallz Provisions

Julia Gallay

CoFounder & CEO - Marlow

Nadia Ladak

Founder - Karbon Brewing

Stephen Tyson

Founder & CEO - Blanka

Kaylee Astle

Co-CEO - Mid-Day Squares

Nick Saltarelli

Director, Global HR - McCain Foods

Melanie Haas-Russell

Head of Operations & Development - Wingstop Canada

Matt Jenkyns

Founder - Motherpluckers INC.

Vanessa Soares

Founder & CEO - Devon + Lang

Tyler McCombs

Founder & CEO - Milk Jar Candle Company Inc.

Holly Singer

Owner & CEO - Sarjesa

Alexandra Daignault

CoFounder - Barbet

Andrea Grand

CoFounder & President - United Craft

Ian Macdonald

Head of Sales - Mandy's

Laurence Guindon Carrier

Founder & CEO - Rviita Inc.

Mitch Jacobsen

CoFounder & Head of Technology - Fable

Tina Luu

Director, Strategy & Operations - Kitchen Hub

Fiona Windrim

Head of SMB - DoorDash

Robert Meth

Director/Chief Marketing Officer - Gong Cha, Premium Quality Bubble Tea

Michelle Nguyen

Food, Drink, and Consumer Products Chairs

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