The up-and-coming young leaders shaping Canada's economy, culture, and society in 2023.

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Chief Financial Officer - Solace Power

Colin Ryan

President - RFP Design Group Inc

Andrew Moretti

Co-Founder & CEO - Verdi

Arthur Chen

Head of Operations - Arca Climate Technologies

Bethany Ladd

Founder + Member - Work Nicer Coworking

Alex Putici

Head of Project Finance and Senior Director - Northland Power

Farid Madhani

President and Co-Founder - East Room

Derreck Martin

Founder and President - EggTech Ltd.

Mark Toman

Manager, Investment & Development - ABNA Investments Ltd.

Zach Skolnick

CEO - Republic Developments

Matt Young

General Manager, Toronto - Billdr

Megan McMurray

Co-Founder & CEO - Waste Solutions Canada

Jason Wilcox

Project Architect - Gensler, ArQuives, McGill

Kelvin Kung

Manager of Mechanical Engineering - Kinross Gold Corp.

Jim Schaming

Senior Vice President - Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association

Lauren Tedesco

Founder & Managing Director - Innotech Fleet Strategies

Steven Wiebe

CEO - Icon Global Supply

Daniel Lee

Regional Vice President - Slack

Justin Salsberg

Director of Sales - 505-Junk

Scott Foran

Vice President - DuroByte Inc.

Curtis Laurie

Vice President, Retail Fuel and Store Merchandising - Parkland Corporation

Elliott Collyer

Owner - Avid Contracting

Ryan Leng

CTO - Vivid Machines Inc.

Jonathan Binas

CEO - Bay Polymers

Zeb Khandwala

Co-Founder - Send

David Ang

CEO and Co-Founder - New Vision Projects Inc.

Brandon Smith

Founder and Managing Director - Breakthrough Academy

Igor Trninic

VP, Execution & Growth - Ekagrata Inc & Football Toronto

George Gretes

Principal & Co-Founder - Lowland Properties Group Inc.

Tim Kennedy

Founder - Vic City Exteriors + Adrian Craycroft Holdings

Mike Craycroft

Blue Whale Capital Realty

Victor Lee

Industry Chairs

Senior Vice President, APMA

Lauren Tedesco

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