Sales, Marketing, and Advertising

The up-and-coming young leaders shaping Canada's economy, culture, and society in 2023.

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VP of Sales - Leap Tools

Daniel Seligman

Executive Vice President - Rocket Mortgage

Bekim Merdita

Account Executive - Google

Darren Chiu

Founder, CEO - Lane Four

Andrew Sinclair

CCO & Co-founder - Berners Bowie Lee

Devon Williamson

Vice-President, Digital, Head of Audience & Analytics - Media Experts

Jennifer Douglass

Senior National Marketing Manager, Clients & Services - MNP LLP

Leanne Mejilla

VP Marketing - Irwin

Marissa Homere

Senior Research Director - Leger Marketing

Nikolas Lopez

Vice President, Investments - Media Experts

Pina Cuffaro

Marketing Director - ReadyWhen

Vinicius Alves da Cruz Mauro

Senior Marketing Manager - Jeeves

Sabena Quan

CEO - AdPlus Media Inc.

Mazdak Safaei

CTO - OutPoint

Sean Billings

Senior Manager, Sales - Hootsuite

Elly Leader

Senior Vice President, Market Development - Mastercard

Balinder Ahluwalia

Senior Vice President - Craft Public Relations

Melissa Retty

Co-Founder - Office/Bureau Inc.

John Ryan

Operations Manager - Jelly Academy

Chris Penner

Senior Manager, Corporate Communications - RBC

Joel Dembe

VP of Growth - PolicyMe

Will Bradley

Founder - 3Skills

Tobi Oluwole

Senior Director, Revenue Planning & Strategic Initiatives - FreshBooks

Catalina Lopez

CoFounder and VP, Digital - SiteNews and SitePartners

Brett Rutledge

VP Sales, North America, Media Owners - Dreamscape SMI

Darrick Li

VP, Marketing & Communications - Terry Fox Foundation

Denise Dias

Managing Sales Director and General Manager - Toronto Star and The Kit

Genevieve Begy

International Insights, Team Lead - Pinterest

Maggie Chen

Senior Director of Marketing - Muskoka Brewery

Sarah Au

Sales Director - Skip The Dishes

Ben Leon

Head of Design - Helcim

Rodolfo Ferro Casagrande

Managing Editor, Community - Canada Goose

Paige Dzenis

Co-Founder + CEO - NAV43

Ben Dankiw

Sales, Marketing, and Advertising Chairs

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