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The up-and-coming young leaders shaping Canada's economy, culture, and society in 2023.

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Founder - Electric Runway

Amanda Cosco

Founder & CEO - Set Scouter

Alex Kolodkin

Co-CEO, Co-Founder - Stathletes

Meghan Chayka

Co-Founder & CEO - Coterie

Larissa Holmes

Strategic Partner Manager, Creators - Pinterest

Carly Schwartz

VP of Production, Producer - Electronic Earth

Becky Yeboah

Founder and Co-CEO - Beatdapp

Andrew Batey

Digital Activation Manager - PHD Canada

Mallory Thompson

Host and Content Creator - blogTO

Taylor Patterson

Director, Growth - Havas Media Canada

Sydney Kirkland

Co-President - Monsters Aliens Robots Zombies

Jonathan Bronfman

Executive Director - Golf PEI Inc.

Sam MacPhail

Junior Sport Scientist and Lab Coordinator - Canadian Sport Institute Ontario

Kayla Bugeya Miller

Founder & Managing Director - Spoken Artists Inc.

Petar Josic

Managing Director, Client Success - Meltwater

Jamie Varley

Founder - Lead Podcasting

Amanda Cupido

Co-Founder & CEO - Partial Inc.

Tammy Yiu Coyne

Director, Commercial Strategy - Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment

Morgan Todd

Host, The Pooja & Gurdeep Show - CHFI, Rogers Sports & Media

Gurdeep Ahluwalia

Owner, Founder, CEO - Strive Life Athletics and Fitness Education

Ryan Caicco

Head of Business and Legal Affairs - Monstercat

Daniel Rosen

Media, Entertainment and Sports Chairs

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