Oh boy

Good morning. It sucks to lose your luggage, but has an airline ever lost $24 million worth of your cash and gold bars? If you’re not up to speed on what happened at Pearson Airport the day thieves made off with a fortune, here is our professional summary of the arguments: 

Brink’s: “Come on, Air Canada! How could your security have fallen for a fake claim for $24 million worth of cargo? Sure, we didn’t bother to get the special insurance, but you owe us!” 

Air Canada: “It looked like any old cargo to us. If you had actually told us how precious your shipment was, we could have taken way better care of it! Consider it a lesson learned.”

As the legal dispute around Canada’s biggest gold heist of the year unfolds, let it serve as a lesson to never skimp on the insurance … you really never know when it’ll come in handy.