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60,000+ affluent modern business leaders rely on The Peak everyday to get smarter, faster through our flagship daily newsletter and business content across channels in our uniquely fun and entertaining Peak voice.

What We’re Not: A Low-Cost Direct-to-Consumer Growth Channel

We’re not consumer focused: Our readers are affluent, senior business leaders and entrepreneurs. They’re looking for investment opportunities and tools for their business, not the latest consumer brands.

We’re not cheap: In terms of partnerships, we’re relatively expensive and require a minimum budget of $10,000. Everything we do is custom and our team works closely with your team to develop campaigns that build deep relationships with our audience of 60,000+ Canadian business leaders.

We’re not mass market: We don’t have a million subscribers across age groups and regions. We do have a highly engaged audience of 60,000+ modern Canadian business leaders and we introduce them to brands relevant to their personal and professional lives.

What We Are: Targeted Business Advertising at Scale

The Peak is home to the most successful, highest achieving business leaders in the country.

We’ve been fortunate enough to build a deep relationship with our readers through our daily newsletter and they trust our brand recommendations as much as our news coverage.

Our audience is affluent, smart, social and civic-minded. We painstakingly create ad products from scratch and want to partner with advertisers who see the value of engaging with this audience.

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