Parka Refund

A Chinese state-run newspaper claims that Canada Goose might have broken consumer laws.
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The Next ISS

NASA selected a number of private companies, including Blue Origin, to build the replacement for the International Space Station (ISS).
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Up In Arms

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sued to block a $40 billion chip company takeover.
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Balancing Act

Some Canadian companies are rethinking vaccine mandates as they struggle to fill job vacancies. 
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Potato Surplus

Canadian and U.S. officials are working to resolve a potato fungus outbreak in Prince Edward Island that has shut down potato exports. 


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Cheerio, Then

Canada's Weston Family, the owners of Loblaws, is selling British department store Selfridges to a Thailand-based corporation.

What's Selfridges? Bought by the Westons in 2003, Selfridges is a luxury department store chain with four locations in England.

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Media Melee

Tell us your favourite animal and we’ll tell you which upcoming media SPAC you totally relate to: Rumble or BuzzFeed.
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Now Hiring

The economy is heating up and jobs are plentiful: that's the headline from the latest Statistics Canada employment data for November. 
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No Deal

Major League Baseball (MLB) is in a lockout after the players' union and owners failed to reach a new labour agreement.
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Canada Goose workers in Winnipeg voted to unionize.
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