AI wrote my homework

The days of take-home essays and tests may be over, as a new wave of generative artificial intelligence (AI) forces a rethink of traditional classroom learning. 

Driving the news: ChatGPT, an AI chatbot released (somehow just) two months ago by the AI lab OpenAI, is causing a massive headache for educators who can no longer hand out assignments without running the risk of grading heaps of papers written by an algorithm.  

  • “ChatGPT generates eerily articulate and nuanced text in response to short prompts,” per The Wall Street Journal, including poetry and fan fiction. 

Why it matters: The adoption of AI chatbots could prompt a generational shift in learning. Across campuses, educators are overhauling—in some cases—decades-old curriculums, making changes that include more oral exams, group work, and handwritten assessments.  

  • Some public school systems, including in New York City, have banned the tool on their Wi-Fi networks, but they can’t stop students from accessing it on smartphones.

What’s next: It’s only the beginning for generative AI. OpenAI is expected to release an updated version of ChatGPT soon, which will be even better at generating text, adding to the urgency schools face in finding new ways to test students’ knowledge.