Dating gets pricier

If it wasn’t bad enough that the cost of dating (read: rising restaurant prices) has skyrocketed, now the cost of landing a date is also on its way up. 

What happened: Match-owned dating app Hinge will roll out a subscription tier that’ll set you back up to US$60 per month, an increase from its current $35 per month plan, per Bloomberg. If you think that’s bad, Match is also testing a $ 500-a-month version of Tinder. 

  • Subscriptions will target “highly motivated daters” who want to boost their exposure within the apps or receive better match recommendations.
  • While Tinder out-earns Hinge for now, the latter—aimed more heavily toward relationships—is comfortably seated atop Canadian download charts.

Why it matters: Dating apps are hardly the only businesses these days turning to premium subscriptions to increase revenues, but with users spending hundreds a month on an app, they “better be finding their soulmates immediately,” as one of our Peak colleagues put it. 

Bottom line: You can’t put a price on finding your other half, but that doesn’t mean companies like Match aren’t going to try—so expect looking for love to get real pricey.