Three Amigos set to meet in Mexico

The leaders of Canada, the US, and Mexico will meet in Mexico City for the North American Leaders’ Summit this week—and for a trio dubbed the “Three Amigos,” they’ll have plenty to bicker about. 

Here’s what’s likely to dominate the agenda when the discussions get underway tomorrow: 

  • Supply chains: Canada and Mexico will likely push the US to include them in more of its policies aimed at building local supply chains, especially in the automotive space.
  • Migration: President Biden’s biggest objective will be to reach an agreement on migration at the US-Mexico border, which officials say is straining the US immigration system. Biden also plans to visit the border for the first time.
  • Cartels: The US and Canada will want to discuss ways to stop cartels based in Mexico from moving fentanyl across the border.
  • Agriculture: Mexico has announced plans to ban imports of genetically-modified corn beginning in 2025, a move that the US has protested.
  • Energy: Canada and the US have filed a trade dispute with Mexico over its efforts to bring the energy market under state control.

Zoom out: The stakes for Canada at this summit aren’t as high as they were the last time the leaders gathered in 2021 when US “Buy American” rules (which were later amended to “Buy North American,” including Canada and Mexico) threatened to devastate Canada’s auto industry.