Eat a cheesy pickle. We went back to the TikTok mines to dig up another viral food trend: a pickle wrapped in a blanket of fried cheese, aka, a chickle. It looks super easy to make, so throw caution to the wind, follow this recipe, and see if it's the best team-up since PB&J.

Read Breaking Twitter by Ben Mezrich. The bestselling author who has written the go-to accounts of the birth of Facebook and the GameStop short squeeze turns his eye to Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter — giving a behind-the-scenes look at the chaotic takeover.

Watch Mean Girls, now in theatres. The adaptation of the hit Broadway musical — which, yes, was adapted from the hit movie — arrives on screens with fetch songs and a (mostly) new cast. If you’ve somehow never seen the original, it’s available to stream on Paramount+.

Listen to Paul Giamatti’s CHINWAGThe beloved actor and recent Golden Globe winner hosts this delightful pod with his friend, philosopher Stephen Asma. The two sit down with a wiiiide array of guests, from Tom Hanks to Ted Chiang, to talk about, well, anything.—QH