Four-day work week picks up speed

Would you be interested in reviewing some promising research from an advocacy group called “4-Day Week Global”? So would we.

What happened: Data from the largest-ever 4-day work week pilot shows that of the 61 UK organizations participating in the six-month study, 92% would stick with the shorter week. The study ran from June to December last year and encompassed ~2,900 workers.

  • During the trial, employee turnover fell 50%, companies rated their overall experience an average of 8.3 out of 10, and also reported an average 1.4% increase in revenue.

  • Workers said the pilot gave them more time to take care of their kids. Men reported a boost in childcare activities, and women reported higher rates of life satisfaction.

Yes, but: There may be a bit of selection bias at play since companies volunteered to participate in the study and were ready to invest in the resources needed to transform their business. 

Why it matters: This is the strongest evidence yet of the benefits of a 4-day work week, adding weight to similar results from smaller studies. One study tracking 33 companies from the US, Ireland, and Australia also found gains in revenues and employee satisfaction.