How to make your spring cleaning more profitable

With winter winding down, spring cleaning is around the corner, and this year, focusing on decluttering could free up space in your home and put some extra cash in your pocket by “P-U-R-G-E-ing.”

Money coach Leslie-Anne Scorgie wrote that she made $500 in a week by following her own method and re-selling items she doesn’t need in her home—here’s how she did it:

  • PICK items you don’t use anymore. A decluttering rule of thumb: if you haven’t used it in six months, you can live without it. That great jacket you bought on sale two years ago with the tags still on? Pull it from your wardrobe. Did you upgrade your gaming console? Get rid of the old one.

  • UPDATE your seller’s profile and write good product descriptions. You’re marketing yourself, so keep your profile professional and follow the four P’s when advertising your wares—Product (what is it), Price (how much you want for it), Place (your general area and where buyers can meet you—a public place is safest) and Promotion (what makes the product special). 
  • RINSE your product before you take pics. You might need to do more than rinse, but you want to make your item look as shiny and new as possible—iron a piece of clothing, dust off furniture, or scrub the stains out of an old rug.

  • GEORGOUS pictures are essential. A selection of clear, well-lit photos makes all the difference in the resale market. People want a good idea of what they are buying, so set up a mini studio for your smartphone and click away.

  • List EXAMPLES of how much the item is worth. People like to compare prices, so make it easy and list what the item retails for brand new or on other resale platforms, but be prepared to negotiate and set a minimum price you’re willing to accept.

Bottom line: A new report from StatsCan found that one in four Canadians don’t have $500 to cover an emergency expense—listing your pre-loved but no longer used belongings on the resale market can put a few extra bucks in your pocket.