It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s “a small, cylindrical object”

The US and Canada keep shooting things out of the sky—but so far are staying mum about what those things are.

Driving the news: A US fighter jet downed a UFO (and we mean that in the literal, not extra-terrestrial, sense) in Canada’s airspace over the weekend. 

  • NORAD detected the craft over Alaska on Friday, and President Biden and Prime Minister Trudeau agreed to bring it down over Yukon on Saturday.
  • Defence Minister Anita Anand described it as a “cylindrical object” smaller than the Chinese balloon shot down earlier this month.

And that’s not all. UFOs have been popping up (and getting shot down) everywhere over the past few days.

  • The US military took down an object flying near Alaska on Friday, and another over Lake Huron yesterday.
  • China reported that it was preparing to shoot down an object detected near a major naval base.

Why it matters: The sudden appearance of multiple UFOs has many people wondering what’s flying around up there.

  • One US official told The Washington Post that NORAD is likely detecting more objects because it has loosened its “filters” for information from its network of radar and sensors.
  • US Senator Chuck Schumer said the objects downed by NORAD were likely balloons but didn’t explain what their purpose was.

Bottom line: The truth may be out there, but we don’t have it yet—though investigations of recovered wreckage could soon offer more answers.