What to do this weekend

Eat something sweet and simple and celebrate National Pound Cake Day. The famous dessert loaf got its name because it was traditionally made using a pound each of flour, butter, eggs, and sugar. Now that’s hearty! Try baking one yourself with these 26 variations.

Read On The Ravine by Vincent Lam. The Candian physician-turned-author broke into the lit world with his debut work Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures about the tribulations of med students. His latest revisits two of its main characters, now doctors fighting the opioid crisis.

Watch Netflix try out something new. For the first time ever, Netflix is streaming a live broadcast in the form of Chris Rock’s new standup comedy special Selective Outrage. The program airs tonight at 10 PM EST and will feature Rock finally addressing the Oscar slap.

Listen to a legendary hip-hop group. After a prolonged legal dispute and the recent sudden passing of one of its members, the complete catalogue of De La Soul is now on streaming for the first time. Get to know these rap revolutionaries with this guide and dive in.