How to turn old magazines into beautiful decorative bowls

The older I get, the more I find my life is lacking in one area—my bowl collection. Not cereal bowls (I have plenty of those). I'm talking decorative bowls to hold things like potpourri, seashells, and parking tickets I need to pay.

But I won't pay retail for a decorative bowl ever again after finding this DYI hack—all you need is a stack of magazines, some tape or glue, a bottle of Modge Podge (you can make your own) and some spare time.

Here's how to make your own decorative bowl:

  • Rifle through your magazines and tear out pages that match the colour scheme you're going for—ads are great for colour, pages of print will make a chic and sophisticated black-and-white scheme, or you could go with neutrals for a match every aesthetic look. 

  • Start folding the pages lengthwise or rolling them diagonally, whichever method you prefer. Secure the end with tape or glue. 

  • Now that you have a bunch of rolled/folded magazine pages/tubes, you can start making the base of your bowl. Take one piece and begin coiling it as tightly as possible. Attach a second piece and continue the coil, adding another piece as you approach the end of the coil.

  • When you're down to the last piece, glue it to the outside of the coil—this is going to the bowl's rim. 

  • Once the glue is dry, you can form your bowl by pushing down the centre and shimmying the edges upwards to create a concave shape.

  • Now coat the bowl with the Hodge Podge mixtures and let it dry. Some people suggest multiple coats, but you can use your own judgment.

And voilà! You made a beautiful bowl that costs a few cents and repurposes an old magazine. Put one in every room of your house or give them as gifts—but do not put cereal in them.

This YouTube video is a great tutorial and step-by-step visual guide.