Money and time saving moving hacks

We’ve all been there. A friend asks what your plans are for the weekend, and when you say “nothing,” they casually hint that they need a hand moving. But when you show up early Saturday morning, nothing is packed. Don’t be that friend. Make moving a breeze with these easy relocating hacks. 

A DIY move might seem daunting, but it’s often the most economical option—especially for a short-distance move. 

  • Professional moving companies charge about $140 per hour for two movers and a truck. 

But with a little organization and some clever tips, you can save time and money on your move:

  • Create a colour-coded system. Grab some colourful tape and give each room of your new house a dedicated colour—blue for the kitchen, green for the bathroom, etc. That way, when you’re unloading, you know exactly which room the boxes go in without opening them up. 

  • Keep clothes on the hanger. If you’ve got garment bags from the dry cleaners, load them with as many pieces of clothing as possible—that way, you hang them up in your new closet and organize them when you’re settled. Heavy-duty garbage bags work just as well as garment bags. 

  • Forget the packing peanuts. Those styrofoam bits are horrible for the planet, plus you’ve probably got stuff in your house that will be just as effective. Crumpled newspaper works well. You could also wrap your delicate items in bedsheets, kitchen towels, or any other linens you’ll be moving anyways. Or you could make your own environmentally friendly packing peanuts.

  • Pack your stuff in your other stuff. Use suitcases, duffle bags and storage containers. You’ve got to move them anyways, might as well make them useful. And if you need extra boxes, go to U Haul—they will buy back any unused boxes from you at full price. 

  • Clean your old place for pennies. Once you’ve cleared all your stuff, give the house a little TLC and elbow grease by doing a deep clean. Here are eight recipes for at-home cleaners that will leave the space sparkling.