What to do this weekend

Eat like it’s 1912. On this day 111 years ago, the Titanic sunk into the icy waters of the Atlantic. In honour of this tragedy, recreate some of the doomed voyage’s final first-class meal, which was ten courses with gems like vegetable marrow farci and Punch Romaine.

Read We Need to Talk About Inflation by Stephen D. KingThis Stephen King, HSBC’s former global chief economist, writes an entirely different kind of horror story—one about the still-misunderstood dangers of inflation, which the Financial Times called “essential reading.”

Watch Florida Man on Netflix. With an irresistible title calling back to a classic meme, Netflix’s newest series—a neo-noir following a down-bad ex-cop searching for a mobster’s runaway girlfriend in the Sunshine State—hits the mark right between goofy and gritty. 

Listen to 72 Seasons, the latest album from heavy metal gods Metallica. Over 40 years in, the veterans of the scene haven’t lost a step and are adept as ever at cranking out punishing riffs and powerful tunes that harness the power of pure rock. Get ready to ride the lightning.