What to do this weekend

Eat a TikTok trend. Have a sweet tooth? This viral food mash-up brings together a classic summer treat and an all-time schoolyard snack: a scoop of ice cream rolled up in a Fruit Roll-Up. Mix and match to find the best combo (that is, if you don’t find it too sickly sweet).

Read about AI and the future of work in this week’s edition of the Not Boring newsletter. Instead of simply doomsaying, it takes a sober look at what “intelligence superabundance” could mean for the average workweek and how it could affect jobs across various sectors. 
Watch Beau is Afraid, now in theatres. The latest from Midsommar director Ari Aster and ultra-trendy production company A24 is a dark comedy/existential horror about a man trying to visit his mom. It has sharply divided critics, so go see it and pick a side in the discourse.

Listen to Multitudes, the new album from Canadian icon Feist. After the densely produced Pleasure in 2017, Multitudes is a stripped-down affair—highlighting acoustic sounds, reflective lyrics, and her honeyed vocals, which have taken on a newly weathered quality.