How to increase your roll up the rim odds

I’m not a “winner.” The last contest I won was the Pepsi Taste Challenge when I was seven and that’s because the teenager running the stand felt bad for me and gave me a second chance. But my (and your) luck might be about to turn around with this clever Tim Horton’s hack.

Roll Up To Win (formerly Roll Up The Rim To Win) might be over for now, but you can maximize your odds of winning next time by using this University of Waterloo statistics professor’s strategy. Michael Wallace, a statistics professor, read the Roll Up rules and realized timing is key to winning. 

Here’s what he does:

  • For every coffee or donut, you buy you’re given a digital entry for the contest—much better than having to carry around a tiny piece of coffee cup in your pocket.

  • Wallace realized timing is everything. He saved up all the entries he’d accumulated while the contest was running and early in the morning on the last day, he redeemed all his entries.

  • It resulted in 94 of his 96 entries being winners—he didn’t win any of the big prizes, but he’s got a steady stream of free coffee and donuts coming his way. 

Why it works: The odds of winning a prize depend on how many entries were received that day, so starting early in the morning left Wallace with the most potential prizes and the fewest contest competitors going up against him.