What to do this weekend

Eat a cottage cheesy meal. The lumpy but super nutritious dairy product is the ingredient du jour on TikTok right now thanks to its versatility and health benefits. Some of our fave ideas we’ve seen are a mac and cottage cheese and a cottage cheese breakfast bowl

Read about a bygone internet era when blogs ruled the Earth in Traffic—the new book by Ben Smith, founding editor of the recently deceased BuzzFeed News. It’s an insider look at the early 2010s web through the lens of BuzzFeed’s rivalry with (the also deceased) Gawker.  

Watch Baby J, John Mulaney’s latest standup special, on Netflix. Over the past few years, the comic got divorced, went to rehab, and became a father. All of this and more are examined in Mulaney’s riotously funny new special that shatters his typical nice guy image.

Listen to That! Feels Good!, the new album from R&B songstress Jessie Ware. As the title would suggest, this is a record all about pleasure. Every disco groove and pulsating bassline carries with it a little dopamine hit that is guaranteed to move your feet and boost your mood.