What to do this weekend

Eat some fresh grapes in celebration of National Grape Day! Make like a cartoon Roman emperor and gorge yourself on the bite-sized fruit. They’re perfect for snacking, but also a versatile dinner ingredient, as demonstrated by these unconventional recipes from Brit+Co

Read some short fiction to close out the month. In case you didn’t know, May is Short Story Month. If you want to squeeze some in before June, check out this CBC list of 14 great newer short story collections by Canadians—from Margaret Atwood to Saeed Teebi.  

Watch FUBAR, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new Netflix show. The big-screen action legend makes his small-screen debut in this new comedy about father-daughter CIA agents. We’re very simple. If it has Arnold (and Canada’s sweetheart Jay Baruchel), we’re watching.    

Listen to My Soft Machinethe new album from rising indie star Arlo Parks. A singer, writer, and producer, she won the top prize in British Music for her debut. Her latest is another collection of warm, dreamy wisps of R’n’B-pop delight. Perfect for summer days at a cafe.