Canada’s national parks are selling out fast

Ahhh, spring. If you ask us, there’s no better time to take advantage of the great Canadian outdoors… that is, if you can snag a reservation. 

Driving the news: With Parks Canada’s improved reservation system, it’s technically never been easier to book camping sites at national parks across the country. In other ways, it’s harder… with sites like Alberta’s Jasper and Ontario’s Bruce Peninsula booking up fast. 

Why it’s happening: As the cost of international travel continues to rise, heading to the wilderness has become an increasingly attractive option for Canadians. Plus, pandemic-era lockdowns forced us to start exploring what’s in our backyard, a trend that’s stuck around.  

  • The number of visitors to Canada’s national parks has been growing each year, with 21.6 million visitors last year, a 27% leap from 2021. 

Yes, but: ​​Per The Guardian, the crowds have forced Parks Canada to close down certain hiking trails and weigh the possibility of visitor caps to more sensitive areas. The agency also recently banned private vehicle access at Moraine Lake, a popular tourist spot in Banff. 

Bottom line: In some ways, more people using Canada’s parks is a good thing. Revenue from reservations, lodging, and day passes are funnelled back into conservation and management. It just means escaping to The Great Outdoors could be tough this year.—SB