Propagate your own plants to use as gifts

Does your house look like the setting of Fern Gully? Why not use your collection of greenery to create a supply of never-ending housewarming, thank-you and just-because gifts for friends and family by propagating your own houseplants.

Here are three easy methods from House Plant Journal's Darryl Cheng:

  • Plant cuttings. Find the node or the little offshoot where a new bud will grow and cut underneath it. Then put the cutting in water and let it grow roots—you want them to be at least a centimetre long before transplanting them to soil. 

  • Pups/Plantlets. When you see your plant has minis growing off or around it, it's time to separate mama and baby—but be careful to keep the pup's roots intact if it has any. Replant in its own pot with the same soil ratio as its parent plant.

  • Root division. This is the messiest and most complicated propagation method, but it's often necessary if your plant has outgrown its pot. Unpot the plant, cut the "root ball" in half and begin detangling roots, cutting off any dead danglers. Re-pot, and voila, two new plants.

Dig deeper: This video from Cheng's YouTube channel shows how to propagate succulents.