Canada is splashing out on its Air Force

Canada is forging ahead with the largest recapitalization of its air force since World War II.

The Department of National Defence has signed a 25-year, $11.2 billion deal with SkyAlyne Canada to provide and modernize air force training platforms. The biggest part of the deal — and the one most exciting to our inner 10-year-old — is the purchase of 70 training aircraft.

  • Since 2022, Canada has procured or upgraded ~140 new aircraft for the Air Force. Earlier this week, Canada announced new F-35 fighter jets would arrive in 2026. 

Why it matters: Canada’s relatively low defence spending has frequently upset its allies, and this new move comes less than a week after a group of U.S. senators sent an open letter calling on the feds to meet NATO’s 2% of GDP annual defence spending target.

Bottom line: It’ll take more than some pre-owned jets to cool Canada’s military critics.—QH