Move over homeowners, renters are way more stressed

Canadian renters are showing more signs of financial stress than homeowners, according to a new report from the Bank of Canada. That may come as a surprise, especially as impending mortgage renewals with high costs are getting a lot of airtime in the news. But, it’s actually people without mortgages who are falling behind more on credit card and auto loan payments — and the problem is only getting worse. To keep up with high costs, renters are increasingly relying on their credit cards, hitting 80% or more of their limits. That's because renters typically have lower wages than homeowners but are facing increasing rental prices across the country. Despite the fact that payments have risen for about half of the country’s mortgages, homeowners tend to have higher incomes as well as savings tucked away, which make it easier for them to adjust their spending patterns. Plus, home prices have been shooting up, leaving homeowners not only financially better off but also seeing their assets grow in value. However, the longer interest rates stay up, the steeper the jump homeowners will have to face in their mortgage renewals.