What to do this weekend

Eat some international sandos. The sandwich is Earth’s most perfect food with so many variations. So go on a world sandwich tour in your own kitchen. Top destinations include India with its yogurt sandwich, Portugal with its francesinha, and Venezuela with its reina pepiada.

Read this year’s Pulitzer Prize winnersThe most prestigious awards in journalism were handed out this week with world-class reportage on matters like U.S. Supreme Court corruption and issues at various Elon Musk-run businesses. Beware, there are paywalls.

Watch Hollywood Con Queen on Apple TV+. The new documentary mini-series from the team behind Tiger King takes an in-depth look at one of the biggest ploys in Tinsel Town history in which a mysterious figure lured industry gig workers to Indonesia to scam them.

Listen to Broomgate: A Curling ScandalThis new CBC podcast hosted by comedian and semi-pro curler John Cullen (who also co-hosts the great pod Blocked Party) is a humorous, incredulous tale of how a new broom stoked chaos and dissent in curling in 2015.—QH