What to do this weekend

Eat some out-there BBQ. It’s officially barbecue weather! We all know burgers and steaks are great, but why not switch things up with some unique cookout offerings? Call up some friends and serve them grilled clamsgrilled mushroom gnocchi, or grilled olive oil squid.

Read A Map of the New Normal by Jeff Rubin. In his new book, the Canadian economist and columnist lays out the vast array of issues the global economy has faced since inflation started soaring in 2021, explains what they all mean, and predicts what will happen next.

Watch Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, now in theatres. The prequel to 2015’s instant classic Mad Max: Fury Road looks like another certified banger from director George Miller — full of death-defying stunts and jaw-dropping car chases blazing across the Australian outback. 

Listen to Dark Times by Vince Staples. One of the best rappers of this generation returns with a surprise album that bares many of the standard hallmarks of his work — namely his spare, gritty lyricism and underwater beats — with a newfound layer of vulnerability.—QH