What's happening this week

Strike deadline for auto workers. Negotiations between Unifor—the union representing Canada’s autoworkers—and the Big Three automakers are ongoing ahead of a strike deadline tonight. Meanwhile, south of the border, the United Auto Workers are resuming negotiations with the automakers amid limited strike action at targeted plants.

Inflation week. It’s that time again: The Consumer Price Index for August arrives tomorrow, and (if the US report last week is any indicator) it could bring with it an unpleasant headline inflation number driven by higher gas and mortgage interest costs. Don’t get too freaked out if inflation ticks up, though—the Bank of Canada will be paying close attention to core metrics that look at less volatile underlying inflation pressures to guide their next interest rate call.

NASA brings back asteroid samples. OSIRIS-REx will return to Earth next weekend, marking the first time a spacecraft has collected and returned with a “pristine sample of an asteroid.” Scientists will study the sample from the asteroid called Bennu, which they believe could contain clues about the origin of our solar system. This asteroid, in particular, is important to study, as NASA says it has a “relatively high probability” of hitting Earth in the late 22nd century.