What to do this weekend

Eat homemade tacos and burgersWith Taco Bell and Burger King facing litigation for skimping on beef, can any fast food joint really be trusted? Turn to the only person you can trust (yourself), buy a slab of ground beef (or your fave beef replacement) and get to work.

Read The Age of Prediction by Igor Tulchinsky and Christopher E. Mason. Can AI show us the future? An investor and professor delve into that question in this new book that looks at the rapid rise of AI and the potential consequences of letting algorithms make predictions.

Watch Bottoms, now in theatres. This raunchy comedy with rising stars Ayo Edebiri (The Bear) and Rachel Sennott (this iconic NSFW Seth Meyers interview) about two unpopular high schoolers who start a school fight club has been hailed as an instant comedy classic.

Listen to Live on Cool Street by Theee Retail Simps. The pranksterish Montréal garage rockers’ latest is a charming collection of defiantly lo-fi ditties. Scratchy vocals, bluesy guitar, and an anarchic sensibility coalesce for some of the most fun rock music of the year.—QH