Clothing care hacks to keep you looking fine

The trick to building a good wardrobe is quality over quantity. You want to invest in well-constructed pieces made from high-end materials that you can keep in your closet for years to come. 

Use these affordable clothing care hacks when your cashmere pills or your spun silk wrinkles to keep your closet en vogue: 

  • Grab a steamer. More effective (and fun) than an iron, a clothing steamer will smooth your fabrics without the risk of burning them. 

  • Brush and shave your wool. Get a stiff horse or goat hair brush to remove any dirt and debris from outerwear and a cashmere comb or fabric shaver for sweaters, scarves and more delicate garments. 

  • Keep denim dirty. The more you wash your jeans, the faster they deteriorate. Keep them fresh with a denim spray. Or you could spend pennies and soak your jeans in vinegar to kill bacteria. 

  • No wire hangers! Joan Crawford had a point—wire hangers can damage your clothes. Grab a good set for must-hang items and fold everything else. 

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