Sip on a belly-warming bowl of soup. Get some friends together to make a big batch (or two, maybe even three) of soup this weekend. Make enough so you have leftovers to last your crew the entire week. Here’s a list of 29 recipes to keep you full all fall long.

Read On Browsing by Jason Guriel, a book that will spark your deep-seated nostalgia for afternoons spent under the harsh fluorescent lights of a suburban mall, you know, before digitization took over. Or, check out his piece in The Walrus instead of hitting the bookstore. 

Watch the new BBC series Russia 1985-1999: TraumaZone, a seven-part documentary by essayist Adam Curtis that explores the slipping facade of the Soviet Union as “depressive nihilism” became the overwhelming public sentiment and faith in the Kremlin diminished. 

Björk’s back, baby. Listen to her new album, Fossora. 2001 Oscar’s swan dress or not, her 10th studio album delivers her iconic (and always adorable) weirdness, which is also a standout draw to her new podcast, where she explores the sounds of her own albums.