Eat a baked salad. Regular salads have always felt more like a summer food, so why not heat your salads up? Baked salads are in these days, and for good reason. They’re hearty, warm, and, depending on the veg, can be even better for you than their chilled counterparts.  

Read Going Infinite by Michael Lewis. The veteran business writer (best known for The Big Short) offers unfettered access into the rise and fall of Sam Bankman-Fried and the short-lived FTX empire. A great read, as long as you don’t have SBF trial coverage fatigue.  

Watch Killers of the Flower Moon, now in theatres. At 80, Martin Scorsese is still gifting us with (very long) masterpieces. Based on the acclaimed book, it tells the devastating true story of a spree of murders of Osage Nation members for their oil in 1920s Oklahoma. 

Listen to Hackney Diamonds by The Rolling Stones. The iconic (honestly, iconic feels like an understatement) OG bad boys of rock and roll are back with their first album of new original material in 18 years. The really shocking thing: It’s gotten really good reviews.—QH