What to do this weekend

Eat a whimsical seasonal snack. Fall is the season for baking, and these adorably autumnal pumpkin buns blowing up TikTok are a perfect treat for this time of year. Using string, you can make rolls that look like mini-pumpkins. Check out the recipe from Allrecipes.

Read the works of Jon Fosse. The Norwegian author is the latest winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. A writer of novels, plays, essays, and even children’s books, Fosse has a vast, intimidating catalogue. Use this guide to get started with this icon of Nordic literature.

Watch Totally Killer on Amazon Prime. There’s nothing like a wacky horror comedy to ease into spooky season. This new throwback-y romp from hit horror production company Blumhouse not only features a classic masked slasher but also time travel to the 1980s!

Listen to The Rise & The Fall by The Rural Alberta Advantage. The first album in six years from the Canadian indie rock veterans is like a message from an old friend, filled with the open-hearted lyrics and sweeping sounds that earned them their cult following.—QH