What to do this weekend

Eat Sprite pieTired of all that dang pumpkin and in the mood for a pie that’s a little more deranged? Try Sprite pie, which is exactly what it sounds like — a can’s worth of Sprite baked in a pie crust. Yes, it’s real and apparently not bad. Check out this recipe if you dare.

Read Extremely Online by Taylor Lorenz. The debut book from the WaPo tech journalist, who knows a thing or two about going viral, is a social history of the internet — charting the development of the creator economy and how it has completely upended modern capitalism.

Watch The Fall of the House of Usher on Netflix. A new series from Mike Flanagan (creator of Haunting of Hill House, among others) has become a spooky season tradition. This time around, the horror auteur tackles one of Edgar Allen Poe’s most chilling tales.

Listen to Water Made Us by Jamila Woods. One of the best and brightest in modern R&B, Woods’ honeyed voice and powerful pen made her first two records instant classics. Her third, a reflection on the trials and tribulations of love, somehow might be even better.—QH