How will Twitter stay afloat?

Things are…how do we put this… chaotic at Twitter these days. Let’s unpack. 

Driving the news: Elon Musk held his first meeting as the CEO of Twitter with his new staffers, fielding questions for nearly an hour and dropping several off-side truth bombs like saying “there’s a good chance” Twitter will not survive the upcoming economic downturn.

  • To make matters worse, Twitter’s head of safety and integrity, along with three other top security officials, resigned in the wake of the disastrous Twitter Blue rollout.

Why it matters: Twitter is already facing a deluge of newly verified fraudulent accounts, but with top security execs gone and its safety team reduced, Twitter’s ability to defend against scammers and cybersecurity threats is greatly diminished, which puts users at risk.

  • “There is a serious risk of a breach with drastically reduced staff,” one cybersecurity expert tweeted, “...It’s terrible to see [defences it] built dismantled and destroyed.”

Zoom-out: Looking long term, if Twitter really does go *kaputt*, vast records of human history that could prove invaluable for future research could be wiped out in a fell swoop.