Eat something crunchy, briny, and salty and do some DIY pickling! From classic baby dills to tangy sauerkraut, we love pickled items, and making them is completely doable at home. This guide from MyRecipes will give you all the info you need to get started. 

Read the best business book of the year, at least according to the Financial TimesChip War by Chris Miller details the decades-long battle between the US and China for global supremacy in semiconductors. Given the current state of chips, it’s a timely read. 

Watch Pinnochio on NetflixThe latest from Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Toro is his unique, beautifully-animated spin on the classic tale. It’s also the third Pinnochio movie that’s come out this year. Why can’t we get enough of this little wooden puppet?

Listen to the return of a modern R&B great and spin SOS, the first album in over five years from SZA. With a sprawling 23-song tracklist and 68-minute runtime, it’s nothing short of her magnum opus, synthesizing insights, anxieties, and impulses into a unified whole.