Holiday Weekender

The holidays are for eating! Everyone knows that scrumptious food is the real reason for the season, and holiday meals come in all shapes and sizes. If you’ve been designated head chef for the family gathering, BBC GoodFood has suggestions for everything from a triumphant main course to a delightful dessert. If you’re only responsible for bringing a side, Delish has you covered with 55 side dishes that will be a hit even with your fussiest nieces and nephews. And if it’s simply dinner for one this year, make sure your part for one is well-catered with Taste of Home’s idea for 50 small-scale holiday meals

Settle in and crack open a book. The holidays are the perfect time to catch up on all that reading you told yourself you would do this year! If (unlike us) you actually did cross all the books you wanted to read off your list, read some winter literature. Those cold frosty mornings and long dark nights make for ultra-evocative story settings we can’t get enough of. We'll be tingling our spines with Victorian-era Christmas ghost stories, getting our pulse racing with Nordic crime fiction (those Scandinavian do it better than anyone else), and warming our hearts with some selections from this list of best holiday romances

Cozy up on the couch (and don’t bother changing out of your PJs) to watch some holiday movies. There are certain movies we’ve all seen thousands of times so why not check out these under-the-radar holiday gems? For those looking for a black-and-white classic, watch Mr. Soft Touch about a con on the run from the mob during the holidays who lays low at a shelter. For a family-friendly watch, Christopher’s Christmas Mission is a great animated short in which a nerdy teen turns Robin Hood. And for some wintery chills and thrills there’s cult Canadian horror classic Black Christmas, often considered the first true slasher movie! 

Plug into our favourite podcasts that’ll be in our ears all season long. Since we’re always on that #grindset even during our time off, we’ll be listing to How I Built This in which successful entrepreneurs recount how they built their businesses. To keep abreast of the global economy, we’ll turn to Ones and Tooze in which all-star economist (if there is such a thing) Adam Tooze breaks down the week’s top data points. And when, when we simply want some laughs, we can always turn to Doughboys, in which two intrepid comedians put their stomachs on the line by reviewing pretty much every fast food place in existence.